Pcd helicoidal shank cutter z1+1 steel body pcd h2,5 mm 2 helicoidal wing

Art. A2109

Pcd helicoidal shank cutter z1+1 steel body pcd h2,5 mm 2 helicoidal wing


PCD shank cutter Z1+1 with eco PCD tips H2,5mm resharpened up to 3 times two helicoidal wing, firt tip positive all the others negative, plunge tip in DIA steel body or HDM body. Suitable for working on chipboard panels, playwood, laminated, solid wood and MDF.
  • Suitable for Machine

    cnc router

  • Tool


  • Type of Fixing


  • Body Material

    High density steel

  • Cutting Edge Material


  • Materials

    chipboard, mdf, chipboard

Technical Data

  • Filter
  • d
  • b
  • z
  • h
Art. coddrwdblttzrotsahalfa
A210901395762818681+1Dx Rh832.55
A210901495763818681+1Dx Rh1032.55
A210901595764827751+1Dx Rh842.55
A210901695765827751+1Dx Rh1042.55
A210900189511827751+1Dx Rh1242.55
A210901795766835851+1Dx Rh852.55
A210901895767835851+1Dx Rh1052.55
A210901995768835851+1Dx Rh1252.55
A2109020957691017671+1Dx Rh1032.55
A2109021957701017671+1Dx Rh1232.55
A2109022957711027751+1Dx Rh1042.55
A2109002895121027751+1Dx Rh1242.55
A2109003895131036861+1Dx Rh1252.55
A2109004951371227861+1Dx Rh1242.55
A2109005895141234841+1Dx Rh1252.55
A2109006895151243931+1Dx Rh1262.55
A210902395772818681+1Sx Lh832.55
A210902495773818681+1Sx Lh1032.55
A210902595774827751+1Sx Lh842.55
A210902695775827751+1Sx Lh1042.55
A210900795138827751+1Sx Lh1242.55
A210902795776835851+1Sx Lh852.55
A210902895777835851+1Sx Lh1052.55
A210902995778835851+1Sx Lh1252.55
A2109030957791017671+1Sx Lh1032.55
A2109031957801017671+1Sx Lh1232.55
A2109032957811027751+1Sx Lh1042.55
A2109008951391027751+1Sx Lh1242.55
A2109009951401036861+1Sx Lh1252.55
A2109010951411227861+1Sx Lh1242.55
A2109011951421234841+1Sx Lh1252.55
A2109012951431243931+1Sx Lh1262.55

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