Hw (integral tungsten carbide) helical router bits z=1 for plastic helix 25 grades

Art. A2037

Hw (integral tungsten carbide) helical router bits z=1 for plastic helix 25 grades


Finishing operation. Feed rate: 2 - 10 m/min Speed rotation 18 000 - 24 000 RPM.
  • Suitable for Machine

    cnc router

  • Tool

    Integral bit

  • Cutting Edge Material


  • Materials


Technical Data

  • Filter
  • d
  • b
  • z
Art. coddrwdblttzrotsalfa
A203700146212312401Dx Rh325
A203700246213412501Dx Rh425
A203700346214517501Dx Rh525
A203700446215617601Dx Rh625
A203700546216627601Dx Rh625
A203700646217822801Dx Rh825
A203700746218832801Dx Rh825
A20370094622010421001Dx Rh1025
A2037010462211232801Dx Rh1225
A20370114622212421001Dx Rh1225
A20370124622312521001Dx Rh1225
A20370134622414421001Dx Rh1425
A20370144622514521001Dx Rh1425
A203710146226312401Sx Lh325
A203710246227412501Sx Lh425
A203710346228517501Sx Lh525
A203710446229617601Sx Lh625
A203710546230627601Sx Lh625
A203710646231822801Sx Lh825
A203710746232832801Sx Lh825
A2037108462331032801Sx Lh1025
A20371094623410421001Sx Lh1025
A2037110462351232801Sx Lh1225
A20371114623612421001Sx Lh1225
A20371124623712521001Sx Lh1225
A20371134623814421001Sx Lh1425
A20371144623914521001Sx Lh1425
A203720146240312401Dx Rh325
A203720246241412501Dx Rh425
A203720346242517501Dx Rh525
A203720446243617601Dx Rh625
A203720546244627601Dx Rh625
A203720646245822801Dx Rh825
A203720746246832801Dx Rh825
A2037208462471032801Dx Rh1025
A20372094624810421001Dx Rh1025
A2037210462491232801Dx Rh1225
A20372114625012421001Dx Rh1225
A20372124625112521001Dx Rh1225
A20372134625214421001Dx Rh1425
A20372144625314521001Dx Rh1425
A203730146254312401Sx Lh325
A203730246255412501Sx Lh425
A203730346256517501Sx Lh525
A203730446257617601Sx Lh625
A203730546258627601Sx Lh625
A203730646259822801Sx Lh825
A203730746260832801Sx Lh825
A2037308462611032801Sx Lh1025
A20373094626210421001Sx Lh1025
A2037310462631232801Sx Lh1225
A20373114626412421001Sx Lh1225
A20373124626512521001Sx Lh1225
A20373134626614421001Sx Lh1425
A20373144626714521001Sx Lh1425

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