Profiled cutters for concave quarter circles

Art. A0006

Profiled cutters for concave quarter circles


Hc (brazed tungsten carbide)Brazed cutter with 4 cutting edges to make round fittings on the upper (ref A) or on the lower surface of the workpiece (ref B).The cutting edges (Z) are inclined axially.It is possible to choose between the standard Hc(Hm reported) cutting edges suitable for hard and abrasive woods or those in Hs (Hss) indicated for soft and knotty woods for which the price is on request


For Z=2 execution: 20%discount; for Z=3 execution: 10% discount; for Z=6 execution: 20% price increase;
  • Suitable for Machine

    copy-shaping, moulder, spindle moulder

  • Type


  • Tool


  • Type of Fixing


  • Technology


  • Function

    quarter circle

  • Profile's Position

    concave, wood above

  • Body Material


  • Cutting Edge Material

    HSS, HW

  • Materials

    hHrd wood, hHrd wood, soft wood

  • Order Info

    Specify in the order the material of the cutting edge Hc or Hs and indicate the rotation direction of the tool.

Technical Data

  • Filter
  • d
  • b
  • z
Art. coddrwdbzdrotrifr
A00060015203714017430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOPRA - WOOD ABOVE5
A00060025203814020430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOPRA - WOOD ABOVE7.5
A00060035203914022430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOPRA - WOOD ABOVE10
A00060045204014025430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOPRA - WOOD ABOVE12.5
A00060055204114027430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOPRA - WOOD ABOVE15
A00060065204214032430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOPRA - WOOD ABOVE20
A00060075204316035430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOPRA - WOOD ABOVE25
A00060085204416042430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOPRA - WOOD ABOVE30
A00060095204516047430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOPRA - WOOD ABOVE35
A00060105204618052430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOPRA - WOOD ABOVE40
A00060115204720062430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOPRA - WOOD ABOVE50
A00060125204814017430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOTTO - WOOD BELOW5
A00060135204914020430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOTTO - WOOD BELOW7.5
A00060145205014022430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOTTO - WOOD BELOW10
A00060155205114025430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOTTO - WOOD BELOW12.5
A00060165205214027430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOTTO - WOOD BELOW15
A00060175205314032430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOTTO - WOOD BELOW20
A00060185205416037430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOTTO - WOOD BELOW25
A00060195205516042430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOTTO - WOOD BELOW30
A00060205205616047430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOTTO - WOOD BELOW35
A00060215205718052430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOTTO - WOOD BELOW40
A00060225205820062430-35-40-50Dx RhLEGNO SOTTO - WOOD BELOW50

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